Referring has never been more Rewarding!

Referrals are the best resource for finding qualified candidates for employers. Reflik harnesses the power of social web and referrals to create a true win-win for everyone involved in the job circle - Jobseekers, Employers & Recruiters.

You get cash rewards and satisfaction for helping a friend.
Employers win by filling the positions quickly.
Your friends win by getting a job they love.

Leverage your network of contacts

Our cutting edge social recruitment tool lets you connect using Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and
automatically suggests matching profiles. Spend a minute or two to choose who you want to share it with and voila, you’ve
done your part. Now sit back and be rewarded for your efforts once your referral is hired.

Reflik has the power to scour your networks and find great opportunities with the click of a button.

It’s simple, fun, and rewarding!

Referring has never been this simpler, thanks to these amazing features…

Broadcast selected jobs via social networks
Send jobs directly to a friend via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
Email jobs directly to a friend or contact
One-click referrals to maximize efficiency
On tweeting or posting a job
to your favorite social network, a
unique link is created that will
track the referral chain.

Even if the job is retweeted or reposted and
applicants apply to the repost…the unique link
ties the referral back to you.

Our smart candidate matching
algorithm recommends the
best suitable candidates for the job from all your social

Our goal is to make the referring
process as easy and productive for
you as possible.

People whom you refer to can
apply for the job or further refer
to people in their network…
a true social web.

Up to last 3 people in the referral chain
are eligible for the referral reward.

Find Your dream job!

While Reflik is a great source to Refer and Earn, it can also help you find your next dream job. If you like a job posted on Reflik for yourself, you can apply for the position directly…aka Self-Refer.

As a direct applicant, you will also be eligible for a sign-on bonus!