Talent Crowdsourcing Platform

Social referrals are the most effective way to find and hire the best talent. Reflik is a game changing referral driven social recruiting platform that finds the very best candidates fast and consistently before your competition.

Our robust technology takes the benefits of a typical employee referral program to a new level by leveraging the power of social web and crowdsourcing. Whether you want to keep your referral reward program limited to in-house employees or launch it to our member community and get access to a broader talent pool, our tool helps you with your hiring needs.

Reflik will change the way you find candidates.

some facts

Referrals are #1 in

(29 days vs 45 days for career
sites on an average)

2X compared to job boards.

1 new hire for every 5 referrals.

Strategic referral programs can increase referrals from 15% to 45% of external hires. Instead of having employees manually search through their contacts, we help them use a platform that automatically pairs your job descriptions with social profiles. Matching algorithms are also great for passive candidates. Users can recommend candidates that are not necessarily looking for a new job.

What makes us the most result oriented
social recruiting platform

Extremely user-friendly
referral tool

Smart candidate matching

Reach both active &
passive jobseekers

Resume matching
& ranking algorithm

Reduced recruiting cycle time and cost per hire.

Functionality that meets your critical business needs

  • Easy integration with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Customized screening questionnaire per position to get qualified leads only
  • Candidate interview process management.
  • Automated reference check process
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • OFCCP and EEO compliance and tracking
  • Employment branding through dedicated micro page, Shares and Likes

Ready to start filling your positions with qualified referrals?

Choose the referral model that fits your needs.

Crowdsourcing Model (public) Enterprise Model (Private)
About Reflik community finds the next great hire for you. You only pay referral reward for a successful hire. Deploy Reflik in a private setting and turbo charge your internal employee referral program.
Fees & Terms
Software Fees No monthly software fee.
Only success based fee.
Monthly software fee based on number of employees.
Upfront Set-up Fee None None
Contract Term None None
Success Based Fee 14% to 18% of candidate first year base salary. Contact our sales team for more details. Not applicable if the position is filled by employee referrals.
Features & Benefits
Core Referral Driven Social Recruiting Platform
Referrals provided by Reflik Member Community consisting of Recruiting Professionals and Individuals. Your employees. You have the option to make any position “public” with a referral reward and leverage the Reflik recruiting community. It is truly best of both worlds.
Multi-level referral chain and tracking Employees can refer to their social connections. If the job is made public, there is no limit to the number of people in the referral chain.
ATS Integration Available Available

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