Employer FAQ’S

  • Your jobs go live on the platform: An account manager, who is assigned to you, will work with you to upload a job description as well as notes (called Job Insights) for each of your jobs to help the recruiting community understand who you are looking to hire.
  • The search for your perfect candidate begins: The moment your jobs go live on the Platform, the right set of independent recruiters and recruiting firms on the Reflik platform will begin submitting candidates to Reflik.
  • You see only the best candidates: One dedicated account manager, along with Reflik’s technology, will filter all incoming submissions. Information about candidates who are approved by your account manager will be sent to you. You can review incoming candidates straight from the Reflik platform, in your inbox, or even through your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • By using Reflik, you instantly extend your reach to find better candidates in less time. Traditional talent acquisition methods cannot give you the reach of a large community of recruiters.
  • You can also manage your talent acquisition processes efficiently by using Reflik as a centralized platform for all of your approved vendors.
  • Companies across the United States, across a wide range of industries and of many sizes, use Reflik. They include include Fortune 500 companies as well as large and high-growth private companies. Click here to read more about companies that use Reflik.
  • You can call Reflik at 1 855 5 Reflik (1 855 573 3545) or send an email to info@reflik.com with your questions and one of our representatives will be able to answer your question via phone or email.
  • Currently, Reflik works with individual recruiters and recruiting firms. By partnering with Reflik, members of Reflik’s recruiting community gain access to jobs at some of the best companies in America.
  • Moreover, working with Reflik, larger recruiting firms can ensure recruiter productivity. Their recruiters will never run out of jobs that need to be filled.
  • No. The right set of recruiters and recruiting firms will work on your positions; Reflik’s technology and your account manager will filter all incoming submissions based on your exact specifications.
  • Reflik values your privacy. Your contact information will not be accessible from the platform to recruiters or candidates.
  • After your jobs have gone live on the platform, you will begin receiving candidates within the first 24-48 hours. We find that employers start scheduling interviews usually within the first week.
  • If a candidate was sent to you by Reflik and has been in your database for 90 days or less, you can reject their application; it would be considered a duplicate.
  • Our system prevents two or more recruiters from submitting the same candidate to the same job. Should this happen, the recruiter, who submits a candidate first, is given credit. Employers will never be required to pay two placement fees for one hire. Please review the Terms of Use to learn more.
  • Reflik’s recruiting community is diverse and vibrant. Members specialize in recruiting for all major functional roles and industries across the United States. To understand if Reflik is a right fit for your company, email us at info@reflik.com

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